3 Finger Phoenix Hammer Glove

3 Finger Phoenix Hammer Glove

1.5mm leather is the thinest we will make hammer gloves with and has a dry, smooth, chalky texture. Gain superior feeling for the ball with the minimum protection for fingers. Leather has stiff initial feeling and requires more "break in" time.

2mm leather is our best balance between tactile performance and finger protection. It is slightly oily and waxy on the surface. You will be amazed at how this glove will buff and mold to your hand over time.

Standard gloves are made with black thread and black para cord. You are welcome to add a buckle strap or color para cord to your order. 

Our sizes are proprietary, based on measurements collected from actual throwers. Please check our Buyer's Guide page before ordering for the first time. 

$ 58.00