• The shot put glove is designed for RT hand and LF hand throwers.
  • If your hand measurement lies outside our size chart suggestions, default to the orange line and height suggestions.
  • We DO NOT recommend using the shot glove as a hammer glove substitute.
  • The shot glove is only for use in training and competition warm up, IT IS NOT LEGAL IN COMPETITION.
  • The wrist support is absolutely competition legal.


  • We will ship anywhere in the world the U.S. Post Office will recognize. Typical shipping times for oversea orders are about 10 days.

Throws Coaching

  • Each athlete is coached individually at his or her respective talent and performance level. We will group 1-3 athletes from separate bookings in the same time slot if it makes logistic sense and wont detract from the quality of instruction for any single athlete.
  • We train athletes in all 5 Track and Field throws events and Highland Games Events.
  • Group bookings of 2 or more athletes will receive discount rate of $30/person.
  • Some T&F implements can be provided if needed.

Personal Training

  • We try to keep sessions 1-3 people in the gym at one time. If two or more people are in a single booking, we will offer a discount rate of $30/person.
  • Instruction is body weight, band resistance and free weight based.
  • On going, regular clients are asked to pre-pay their sessions at least 1 month in advance.
  • We individualize programs for all ages and athletic background. You do not have to be an athlete, or already fit to train here.

Age of Participation

  • We generally prefer 12-13 as a starting age, though some individual exceptions may apply.
  • There is no limit to how old a client can be, though we jokingly cut it off at 99.

Location of RSĀ Center

  • 3908 Stroup Rd. Rootstown, OH 44272