Our Story

RODHE SPORT was born in 2010 when Justin launched the Shot Put glove after improving a product he used while training through a hand injury. Justin perfected the product, and brought awareness to athletes who needed accommodation for training with heavy weights or injuries. RODHE SPORT evolved as Justin retired from sport and began coaching and implementing periodization models for individual athletes. Today the company is flourishing in NE Ohio with a diverse offering of throws training, sport camps, competitions, personal training, Olympic weight gym, hand-made training equipment and even coffee! 

As a business, we hope that your visit to The Center, Rodhe Sport's home base, is simultaneously unlike anything you've ever experienced before and familiar with the generosity that is the Throws Community. You'll likely meet our mascot, and athlete therapy dog, Sandy (complete with drool to take home). We encourage you to ask questions, enjoy a cup of coffee, and take notes for your own story. 

Sport History:

   Rodhe began his throwing career in Chagrin Falls, Ohio with the Kenston Middle School Track and Field Team and followed the program to his Senior year when he became a State Qualifier in 2003. After high school, Justin decided to make his home the University of Mount Union, and began to excel in the sport. During his career with Mount Union he qualified as: All American 2004, 2x All American 2006, 2x All American 2007, and National Champion 2007. He was inducted into the M Club Hall of Fame in 2022.

   In 2008, Justin moved to Kamloops, B.C., Canada to train with Coach Dr. Anatoliy Bondarchuk, a man he credits as being instrumental in turning him into a world-class athlete. Justin's commitment to the execution of Bondarchuk's elite training principles allowed him to progress in the sport, and in 2012 he competed for Canada in the London Olympic Games. Justin earned 10th in World Ranking by Track and Field News that year. Justin's dedication and stubborn, hard-work allowed him to continue to improve to IAAF 6th in World Ranking in 2013. After competing in the Commonwealth Games in 2014, Justin retired from professional sport in 2015.