Rodhe Strap

Rodhe Strap

2for50 code applies to regular priced 6.5cm models only

Shot put is the most explosive sport on the planet and requires a non-flex support for the wrist. Our block technology turns this explosive dynamic into automatic stretch reflex for the wrist and hand at release. Custom made and only available through Rodhe Sport.

Elastic wraps commonly used and easily purchased at sporting good stores are designed for stability in slow lifting movements akin to powerlifting and body building. Toss those cumbersome elastic wraps in the gym bag, they are an injury waiting to happen!

The 6.5cm is our most popular support for shot putters and the 12cm support is the most popular for Highland Games athletes. It comes down to personal preference so please consider the size video before ordering. 

Colors are revolving stock. If we sell out of a color, it may be a while before we do that color again. So get them while in supply!

$ 28.00