Online Throws Training

Train with us no matter where you live! We adjust programs to your individual talent, ability and even the facilities and schedule you have access to at home! We ask new athletes to pre-pay 3 months to cover the initial set up time and then go month to month after that.

All athletes are asked to record performances daily and enter them into a spreadsheet for critical development tracking. You will have daily text/email access to Coach Rodhe and phone calls when necessary. Also included is invitation to the weekly RS Zoom meeting where Coach Rodhe and athletes from across the world will catch up and game plan for the next week.


Development Level:

Includes throwing program, lifting program and daily simple video analysis.


Elite Level:

Includes throwing program, lifting program, daily simple video analysis and in depth coaches eye video analysis as needed. This level also includes a more in depth plan for nutrition, travel, and daily routines to tailor everything in your life around getting the most from your training.

$ 200.00