Spring Throws Training

COVID-19 Procedure
Come to RS session directly from home. Do not go to store, restaurant, etc before session. Wash face, hands and neck before session. No hand shaking, do not touch other athlete's towels or implements and keep a 5' bubble between people when possible. We prefer that everyone check their temperature before coming and stay away if sneezing/coughing or any sign of fever. 


Feeling crowded at the ring during the week? Not getting the instruction you need because your team is too big?

Join our high performance atmosphere on the weekends and get serious about your results!

Our athletes will be preparing for State Championships, NCAA Championships and The Olympic Trials! Call us with questions or reservations today. 440-554-6999

We typically throw on Saturday and Sunday. Venue is usually Ravenna H.S. but can sometimes be Youngstown State University. 

Want to join the RS throws group full time? Check out our training packages here!