Throw with RODHE SPORT

Rodhe Sport is moving to an all inclusive location very soon. 
Check back for updates on that timeline. 
Call Justin at 440-554-6999 to schedule your session.
 $60/hr Small Group Throwing at Ravenna HS in Ravenna, Ohio
$80/hr Individual, 1on1 instruction at Ravenna HS, Ravenna, Ohio
$50/hr Drill and Lift at RS HQ in Edinburg, Ohio
$10,000 Annual Training Plan (in-person or satellite)
12 month plan designed specific to each athlete. Will detail throwing, lifting and stretching protocols. We also put into affect a nutrition, supplement and recovery plan. Everything will be designed around major training blocks and major competitions. Access to Coach Rodhe for coaching, film, and support on a daily basis.

1. Waiver     2. Biography     3. Conduct Agreement     4. Protocols     

"In researching Justin prior to contracting his services and throughout the eventual training with my son, we realized that he brings a wealth of experience of high school, collegiate, Olympic and professional throwing.  Justin has a deep knowledge of the sport and its various training techniques."    

"His training program was comprehensive to include nutrition, weight training, pre and post competition preparations, and even mental approaches to training and competition.   Justin’s effort to individually assess his clients and tailor a program not only to maximize their performance but also to time their peak performance to align with post-season competition was evident in our son establishing his season PRs at the district and regional events." 

"As a child and adult psychoanalyst, I know about motivation and behavior.  That is why I am so impressed with Coach Justin Rodhe's skills.  My husband and I have been active in sports our whole lives and we have never had a coach with better observation skills than Justin.  Now in our 60's, we cannot do some things that used to come easily,  But Justin always suggests modifications that take into consideration both our weaknesses and our strengths.  In a relatively short amount of time, he has helped us make gains in all areas of our throwing.  We are just so grateful to Coach Rodhe and would highly recommend him to anyone who desires to improve."
~Victoria Todd (RS Masters Athlete)