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Kam-Loop Lifting Straps

Kam-Loop Lifting Straps
100% American.
100% Statement. 

Hand-made by Olympian, Justin Rodhe, in the heartland of strength, OHIO. 

The tear drop shape will stretch and mold over time to the individual wearer. Leather holds chalk and absorbs sweat better than nylon or cotton straps. 

The tear drop design increases lifter connectivity with the bar and decreases setup time before each lift. The full wrap design and strength of leather also increases safety in the case of quick bailouts and strap tears.

Perfect for Olympic Lifting, Hang Clean, Hang Snatch, Pull Ups, Farmer Carries, Dumbbell and Kettlebell Swings.

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Oil Tan - Soft and waxy finish. Good for grip and flexibility.

Utility Side - Soft, dry finish. Good for comfort, absorption and flexibility.

Latigo Harness - Stiffer with smooth finish. Good for heavy pulls and durability.

$ 18.00