Open Lift and Gym Pass

COVID-19 Procedure
Come to RS session directly from home. Do not go to store, restaurant, etc before session. Wash face, hands and neck before session. No hand shaking, do not touch other athlete's towels or implements and keep a 5' bubble between people when possible. We prefer that everyone check their temperature before coming and stay away if sneezing/coughing or any sign of fever. 

$10/hr: Open lift with Coach Rodhe. Join Justin's weekly work out for an hour. Do his program, or your own! These sessions are Monday and Thursday from 11-Noon. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!!! please let us know you are coming to a session. This will ensure Justin is in the gym and not drinking coffee in his office! 

$10/hr: Gym Pass. Want to train in our private facility and skip those germ infested, ego filled public places? These sessions will be generally unsupervised though Coach Rodhe will be on the grounds.