R.E.D. SLING (Rodhe Explosive Device)

R.E.D. SLING (Rodhe Explosive Device)


Designed after an immediate need to maintain performance with loss or change of training facility. Our nylon sling is made of all soft components to allow use on many floor and wall surfaces with out causing significant damage. The all soft design increases safety and reduces mechanical maintenance.

The Velcro strap allows for quick exchange of ball weights between exercises or athletes. Our plastic shells are filled with lead and kept loose to act as a "dead blow" and limit bouncing. The lighter weight balls will have much more "shake" inside them while the 45lb ball will still be loose, but nearly full. The 190mm plastic shell is thicker than a conventional indoor shot put and will last a very long time. 

Current video shows sling with slam ball only, we are now selling the R.E.D. Sling with 190mm plastic shell, lead filled ball. Weight of your choice. Updated video coming soon.

The most significant use of R.E.D. for throws training are the specific exercises:

  • Discus Final Release
  • Shot Swing
  • Weight Throws and Drills when metal parts not appropriate



$ 195.00