R.E.D. SLING (Rodhe Explosive Device)

R.E.D. SLING (Rodhe Explosive Device)


Designed after an immediate need to maintain performance with loss or change of training facility. Our nylon sling is made of all soft components to allow use on many floor and wall surfaces with out causing significant damage. The all soft design increases safety and reduces mechanical maintenance. The Velcro strap allows for quick exchange of the Slam Ball weight of your choice. Each sling is design to be used with Slam Ball of corresponding diameter.

The most significant use of R.E.D. for throws training are the specific exercises:

  • Discus Final Release
  • Shot Swing

DO NOT USE Medicine Balls that BOUNCE in this sling. You will need a dental appointment afterward.

Sling Only, Slam Balls are not included.

If you require a custom diameter Sling, there is a minimum order of 3 per size.

R.E.D. Training System Subscription - coming soon

Shot Swing™ system coming Fall 2020


$ 55.00