Indoor Shot Puts by the KG

Indoor Shot Puts by the KG

These are 100% RS approved and the only indoor shot we recommend athletes using. They are the most durable Hardshell shot on the market that far out paces the competition. If thrown on a proper surface these shots will last years.

The shots in the RS Gym have 1000's of releases under elite distance and power. We have had no breaks, cracks, or warping in over a decade of performance!

These used in tandem with the Rodhe Strap and Shot Put Glove were integral in qualifying RS athletes for 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games, 2012,2013,2017 World Championships and 2014,2018 Commonwealth Games.

2kg-2.75kg shots have a diameter of 100mm
3kg-4.5kg shots have a diameter of 113mm
4.75kg-6kg shots have a diameter of 125mm 
6.25kg-7.75kg shots have a diameter of 135mm
8kg-10kg shots have a diameter of 144mm
*the 144mm diameter is Justin Rodhe's personal favorite to throw

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