Where do Legends Begin?

November 03, 2017 Justin Rodhe

Visitors to Allendale and the surrounding Grand Rapids, MI area will probably find themselves transported into a great arctic adventure where snow drifts rival buildings and the dark nights hang heavy from the city’s food and drink district. Travel to Grand Valley State University is like a pilgrimage to the throwing Mecca event of the year. Athletes, coaches, and parents will travel from across the continent, some by plane, most by car. West coast, East coast, Texas (because they really are just themselves, right?) and even friendly Canadians traverse the Michigan highways to converge on this great meeting of minds and talent.

To arrive early you will find yourself in a quiet parking lot, so far from main highways that you will remember the sounds of your own footfall. The walk into Kelly Family Sports Center is unassuming with entrance at parking lot level but quickly opens into a deep coliseum of turf, net, and throwing circles. You can enjoy expansive views over 138,000 sq ft of athletic freedom, complimented by a never-ending ceiling where discuses flutter in the eves like doves in an ancient mead hall.

Access to clinic area is directly down stairs where travelers will find their check-in and sponsor tables full of cutting edge throws technology from Atlas Peak Performance, Rodhe Sport, and Earth Fed Muscle. These tables remain open for duration of event while participants move from the trackside lecture room and one of the 4 “Learn by Do” throwing stations. Clinic director, Sean Denard, has found a way to smoothly schedule a multi-faceted clinic experience that is packed from hour 1, day 1 until the last person passes out or becomes a throwing zombie by end of Day 2.

Such events include but are not strictly limited to: Weight Lifting Seminar, Elite, Open, and High School Indoor Discus Championship, Elite, Open, and High School Wammer Competition, classroom lectures, learn by do throwing sessions, Heavy/Light Shot Competition, a chance to meet Olympians and watch professional athletes train and throw. Oh, and yes, how could I forget, a free lunch?

Your brain will hurt, your body will hurt, and you will never have felt more ALIVE upon your departure. Returning home, a great hero in the legends of throwing lore, armed with training knowledge gained in foreign lands from foreign minds. With the first steps in your home training circle you will most assuredly be changed, never again the same.

Are you ready to answer the call? Can you hear the Olympians’ bellow?

*use referral code “rodhesport” at registration to receive a free 4 week special strength program for shot/disc athletes!

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