Top Ten Performance Technology 1 - Justin Rodhe

July 14, 2017 Justin Rodhe

I would like to launch a new series highlighting the technologies that make our sport go. Top 10 Lists of items in athletes’ and coaches’ daypacks. What are the essentials for training and coaching at the highest level?


Justin Rodhe-Athlete

Shot Put: 21.29m 2013

  1. Implements- of course this has to be the first item, after all, what else would you do in a training session? Only lift….? I prefer turned iron shots and only when I can’t get weight/diameter required will I go to a steel shot. My go to was VS Turned Iron Shots, Polanik Steel and Dominator Indoor.
  1. Running Shoes- every athlete needs a pair good walking/warm up shoes. Get sized and fitted at an actual running store. I was in the wrong type of shoe until I was 24 years old. This makes a HUGE difference! Asics brand fit my foot the best and Nike fit me the worst. 
  1. Throwing Shoes- it can be hard to pick the right shoe from a catalogue. Network with the available throws community and ask an older or professional athlete which shoes they like best, and for what reasons. My preferred shoe was Nike Zoom SD. I liked the higher heel cover and half plate in the toe box. I felt the heel gave me more control around toe board and plate was flexible and fast.
  1. Hand Protection- based on event, you will need tape/wraps/straps/gloves. Your wrist, palm and fingers are the weakest link in the bio mechanic throwing chain. Protect your training investment! Of course, I used Rodhe Sport products, shot put glove and wrist supports as well as blend of athletic tape and hockey tape when needed. 
  1. Chalk/Resin- again, based on event you might want one or the other. These are mostly safety items as they improve grip and in the case of chalk, protect your skin from abrasions and dirt. I was sponsored generously by Flashed Chalk and really liked their firm, dry mixture.
  1. Tape Measure- athletes should measure their throwing performance 95% of all training sessions. It is imperative to understanding the effects of the training cycle on your specific sport output. For shot put, closed reel tapes make the best traveling options. I traveled with the cheapest options from VS Athletics.
  1. Lifting Straps- these are a hand investment item as well. When considering throwing events, we want strong hands, but they also need to be flexible and supple. Sometimes gripping an Olympic bar for heavy or sustained loads can negatively impact the composition of the hand for throwing result. Again, I used Rodhe Sport brand leather lifting straps. I still use the straps I made in 2010.
  1. Caffeine Source- athletes should always ingest some form of caffeine before a training bout. The benefits to sport output are well researched and there are many forms that can be used. Always use supplementation in a responsible and age appropriate manner. I am a total coffee hound and was sure to get fresh ground coffee before each training session when possible. I did not go in much for pills or energy drinks.
  1. Physio Ball- an air filled, 4-6” diameter soft rubber ball is your portable therapist! Laying on these balls in the proper way can release tight muscles and keep fascia and tendons supple. A must for pre and/or post training session. My preferred weapon was a black ball from Power Systems.
  1. Portable Speaker- we all need motivation when the sessions start grinding. When I needed music at the sector I turned to a Jawbone Mini Jambox. I liked the overall size and the rectangular shape packed well in bags. It also came in red….