3 Tips for Summer Training

June 17, 2017 Justin Rodhe


Stay Hydrated

Summer training is perfect for most athletes, especially throwers. Sun, warm weather, and clear skies makes even the Midwest feel like California in the summer. However, with the increased heat and humidity, it’s pivotal that athletes stay properly hydrated during the summer. The consequences of dehydration are severe muscle cramping and heat-related illness. Drinking fluids when you’re thirsty means you’ve already lost. Hydration begins when you wake up, and continues throughout the day.

Train Together

Training partners can be a lifesaver for any athlete. It’s good to train independently from time to time, but having an extra set of eyes at training sessions is beneficial for many reasons. One of the benefits to training partners is motivation. Throughout the summer there will no doubt be times where you don’t feel like training. Whether it’s a down-phase or a lack of motivation, training partners can be excellent motivators in sports like track and field where you’re often familiar with your competitors. Outside of motivation, training partners will make you work harder. Even if you don’t train the same event, the desire to match or surpass the effort and performance of a training partner will be there. 


High school and collegiate seasons may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t compete. Open track meets take place all over the country during the summer. Take this opportunity to travel and compete at new locations. Make connections, meet new athletes, and get your name out there. These connections may prove to be valuable in the future. Visit to view upcoming meets near you and around the country.

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