American Bison Gloves

American Bison Gloves

We are proud to offer any of our Rodhe Glove™ models in the American Bison leather of your choice! Bison offers the best ratio of softness to feel the implement and durability to withstand all the rigors of training.

If you need your Eagle glove to be worn on the right hand, or wish to select the color of stitching thread please email us to confirm those details before your order is placed. Otherwise all Eagle gloves will be made for left hand and stitching color will be maker's choice. Email:

If ordering a shot put glove, you will also need to select a Rodhe Strap here for your order to qualify. 

A list of our current thread options can be found here.

Need help with sizing? Visit each glove model page first:

EAGLE Hammer Glove           BEAR Shot Put Glove        WOLF Shot Put Glove

$ 75.00